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Since March 2017, Warner Music School has grown from 4 teachers to 15 teachers with experience in 20+ instruments.  Keep reading to see why we have the "WMS Difference"!

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"This is how we do it"

- Song by Montell Jordan

Warner Music School strives to provide an opportunity for a unique form of musical education. The school brings actual performing artists to the student and develops the curriculum around the needs and desires of the student while still providing optimal training. Creating a community of learners, Warner Music School strives to reach individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels to provide a culture of diverse musical opportunities.  Warner Music School incorporates a fun, new-school approach, while teaching both classical and modern techniques.  While having high standards for the quality of education our student's receive, we also incorporate games, puzzles, art, and popular music into our daily routine.

"All you need is love"

-Song by The Beatles

Our mission at Warner Music School has always been to instill the love of music.  Everything we do, and each of our philosophies, are centered on this principle.

We take non-traditional approaches every day to find what our students love... what makes them who they are... and we run with it!  What excites a 7 year is different from what excites a 16 year old or a 54 year old, from the type of music, to the approach and everything in between.  We never compromise on the highest quality education, but believe that there are many paths to take on our musical journey. 

Warner Music School also believes that everyone should have the chance to develop the love of music!  Warner Music School has experience in helping many different types of students to succeed musically.  We work with everyone from babies, in our Music FunTime classes, to "kids at heart" in their 70's and 80's+, in our private lessons and group classes. Our experience also includes, but is not limited to, students who are blind, epileptic, and non-verbal, as well as students who have ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities and students who are on the autism spectrum.*

*Warner Music School instructors are not certified therapists or music therapists. 

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"Our (problem free) Philosophy"

-Song from Disney's "The Lion King"

At Warner Music School, we cater our educational curriculum to each individual student. Our goal is to encourage a lifelong passion of music, whether that be through performing, pursuing music as a hobby, or taking part in the music ministry at your church. With a balanced focus on theory, ear-training, composition and classical techniques, WMS keeps lessons fun and upbeat by finding out what each individual student’s needs and desires are, not only person-to-person but also week-to-week. We believe that no matter the skill level, every child can be reached by finding the path that speaks to them.

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